Save time and costs:

  • You do not have to register your window or door installation with the local authority yourself. Not only is the FENSA approach much faster and easier – it will also save you up to £250!
  • Compliance with the Building Regulations without the added cost and time of arranging assessment by Building Control
  • If you own properties across different local authorities – for consistency of quality and price, you are able to use the same FENSA installer for all installations, as they can work in all Local Authority jurisdictions

Confidence in FENSA installers:

  • FENSA is the brand trusted by all local authorities, industry and government.
  • An independent report commissioned by the Government found FENSA to be the most successful of all competent person schemes to date in the UK, across all industries. Click here
  • Vetting: All FENSA registered companies are continually re-assessed by an independent inspection body to ensure consistency of Building Regulations adherence and service.
  • Nearly 9000 companies nationwide have joined FENSA which include glazing companies, builders, national and smaller home improvements companies, local authorities, housing associations, property developers. If all these companies trust and use FENSA, consumers can too. If all these companies trust FENSA, homeowners can too.
  • FENSA does not demand any specific brand of insurance from its installers – homeowners and installers have freedom of choice over insurance providers whose policies are underwritten by ‘different’ insurance companies (FENSA is not insurance-led)
  • FENSA proactively protects consumers from the cowboys – not only by withholding the scheme from those unable to pass FENSA’s independent assessments; but also by reporting to Local Authorities and Trading Standards companies who erroneously claim FENSA registration, to enable prosecution.
  • Customers are able to provide a rating score for installers on the feedback form.

All notifiable work carried out by a FENSA installer must offer:

Deposit Protection: If FENSA Registered Businesses take deposits in advance of installations, they must give some form of deposit indemnity. Deposits may be guaranteed by, for example, trade association Deposit Indemnity schemes, or credit card protection.

Insurance-Backed Guarantee (IBG): A FENSA Registered Business must also give a guarantee or warranty covering the cost of completing rectification work in respect of defects and in the event of ceasing to trade, offer to back this guarantee with an independent insurance policy. This is called an Insurance-Backed Guarantee (IBG).

Deposit Protection and IBG (Insurance Backed Guarantee) can be provided by a range of insurance providers. FENSA provides an 'approved' list of already vetted insurers that FENSA registered businesses can use but this list is not exclusive. Other Deposit Protection and IBG (Insurance Backed Guarantee) providers who are not on FENSA's approved list but who are FSA (Financial Services Authority) accredited and regulated are accepted but FENSA will vet these other insurance providers.

FENSA Building Regulations & WER Certificate:

  • This will be sent by FENSA directly to you to demonstrate compliance, vital in the event you need to sell your house
  • If you have lost your FENSA certificate – it is quick and simple to re-order online from this website, or simply call the team
  • The FENSA team can offer support to your solicitor when tracing missing certificates during the sale of your property
  • Replacement certificates for historical installations carried out since this requirement has existed within Building Regulations can also be reordered.

Requests for further information:

One of the requirements of FENSA being a UKAS accredited certification body is that should there be a request for information on FENSA’s rules and procedures for registering, inspecting, reviewing, suspending and withdrawing an installation company’s certification, or information about FENSA’s evaluation procedures and certification process for inspections, this will be made available. If this is required, please email FENSA on .

Click here for FAQs on using a FENSA Registered Business.

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